BBQ Cook Off

49th Meal Podcast will be hosting the 1st Best of the Valley BBQ Cook Off at the Mat-Su Fall Festival on August 29th. 

  1. Teams will be between 1 and 4 people 
  2. Meats will be Ribs (Pork) any style, Hamburger (get creative no restriction on meat or topping), and Chicken (any piece or whole chicken will be allowed) 
  3. Teams will provide their own meats. Will be inspected on the day of the event. no Par cooking of any meats. may be marinated or seasoned before the event as long as its 100% raw. 
  4. A $50 entry fee is due before August 1st. 
  5. Teams must provide their own grill. (subject to fire bands at the time of the event)
  6. Prizes will be awarded in cash and gifts from local businesses and sponsors. 

Contact Mitchel Howell at or 907-738-2256 for Cook Off details.