Mat-Su Summer Festival

Vendor Setup

We hope you’re all looking forward to the Mat-Su Summer Festival as much as we are!


Friday, June 25:           Noon until 9:00

Saturday, June 26:      10:00 until 9:00

Sunday, June 27:         10:00 until 5:00

The MATSU Events main office will be located at the Ticket Booth area during event hours.


The Alaska Department of Transportation has been doing road construction this summer on the Old Glenn Highway between the Old Glenn exit and the bridge as you are coming from Anchorage.  Guardrails are removed and the road is torn up.  If you are coming to, or going from, the Raceway, we recommend that you go through Palmer, turn onto Arctic Avenue (the last stoplight as you are heading North out of Palmer) and follow that road for approximately 8 miles to Alaska Raceway Park.  (Arctic becomes the Old Glenn once it crosses the river).  Watch for signs to the Raceway and turn left on Sullivan, towards Jim Creek.  


When you arrive at Alaska Raceway Park, please proceed first to the Main Entrance to sign in and get your vendor badges.

Vendor setup will be from 1:00 until 9:00 on Thursday, June 24th, and the Park will be open again at 8:00am on Friday for set up.  Contact us if you need different setup time accommodations.  Please keep your booth items, displays, and signage within the size footprint of your booth space.  Do not block the pedestrian pathways, and to not place signs or banners in a manner that interferes with visibility and exposure for neighboring booths.

Your booth locations will be marked.  Look for one of our staff members or volunteers for assistance if needed.  You will be able to drive into the oval track vendor area through either the North or South track entrances to access your booth space.

Have your booth ready to go, and have your vehicles removed from the oval by no later than 11:30 on Friday morning.  If you need to drive your vehicle into the vendor area on Saturday or Sunday morning, you must have your vehicle removed by 9:30.

No early booth closures –please keep your booth staffed until the close of the Festival at 5:00 on Sunday.  We expect most booths and vendors to be cleared out before 9:00 Sunday evening.  Let us know if you will be needing additional time. 


Absolutely no vehicles will be allowed to enter into, or out of, the vendor area during Festival hours.  Plan accordingly for your booth setup requirements.  Vehicle exceptions are the Raceway trash collection personnel and porta-potty maintenance.  Our security staff may be in the vendor area from time-to-time on ATVs.


The large flat area between the oval track and the drag strip has been set aside for vendor parking and handicap parking.  (Known as the raceway PIT, this is the area where vendors were set up at last year’s Fall Festival).  Please be mindful of RVs that are already in that area, as they are racers and race fans who lease those spaces for the summer from the Raceway.  The large grass area directly south of the oval is set aside for vendor RV camping and vehicle parking.  There is gentle terrain, but you should be able to find a level spot for your RV.  If you prefer, you can also park your RV in the pit area.  There is no charge for overnight camping for Festival vendors or for your staff that is helping run your booth.  Remember that hookups are not available.


Point-of-sale internet access was a challenge at last year’s Fall Festival, and we have taken steps to improve that situation for this event.  There will be several overlapping network zones, and you will be provided a password when checking in.  Bandwidth is still limited, so please do not use the internet connection for live streaming or surfing.  Cellular access is also more reliable within the oval than where we were last fall in the pits.   


Remember that this is in Butte.  Anticipate both wind and rain, as they are known to happen from time-to-time.  Of course, we are all Alaskans, we understand the weather, and we’re pretty good about rolling with it.  But come prepared.

If you are using a pop-up canopy, we cannot stress enough that you need to have all four legs weighted down to keep from going airborne if the wind picks up.  The oval is a grassy area, but the underlying ground is hard-packed.  8” tent stakes may not be very effective against the wind.  They sell attractive weights for your canopy legs… but cinderblocks, sandbags, or 5-gallon buckets filled with water or rocks work well too.  If your canopy has removable sides, it is a good idea to remove them if the wind gets too strong, as they act like sails.  At the end of the festival each night, we recommend that you secure your small and lightweight inventory items and collapse your canopy, if possible, to decrease wind exposure.  Our nighttime security staff is limited in their ability to chase flying canopies and tee shirts around the raceway.


Our staff and security will be available at all hours throughout the weekend –just look for the folks in the attractive green vests if there is anything you need.  Basic first aid supplies be available at the ticket booth.  If there is any type of emergency, contact 911 and notify our staff.

Security will be monitoring to make sure unauthorized people do not enter the vendor area at night, however it is still prudent to secure any valuable items.

The vendor area at the Festival will be closed off at 9:00 each evening, however bands are scheduled to be performing on stage until 10:00 on Friday and Saturday.  If you need to access your booth or drive a vehicle onto the field for any reason after hours, check in with security first, and use the South entrance into the oval.

Thanks again for your decision to participate in the Mat-Su Summer Festival!  We are anticipating a large crowd, and we are expecting this to be a fun, safe, and enjoyable festival for all involved. 

See you there!